3 Ways the Y Can Help You Stay Stress-Free

A group of young adult friends stretching and attending a yoga class at the gym

A group of young adult friends stretching and attending a yoga class at the gym

October can be a stressful month: the kids are getting homework again, their extracurriculars are ramping up, and Thanksgiving and Halloween are approaching fast. Let the YMCA help you stay calm, cool and collected through it all. This fall, try one of our top three stress-busting health and fitness programs:

  1. Yoga

Studies show that this self-soothing practice has tons of therapeutic benefits. At the YMCA, you can choose from various styles of yoga designed to increase flexibility, release tension and allow the body and mind to connect.  These can be categories under types  – “Meditative” – focused on breathing and deep relaxation and “Active” focused on moving through physical poses emphasizing the development of strength, flexibility, balance. Learn more about our various Yoga Classes in our program descriptions.

  1. Tai Chi

Unwind after work with this calming form of meditative movement. Our Tai Chi classes help you grow healthier in both body and mind by focusing on posture and breathing as you move through flowing, dance-like motions. Many of our centres offer Tai Chi classes in the evening, so you can de-stress after a long day and then enjoy your zen for the rest of the night!

  1. AquaFit

Aerobic exercise reduces stress by improving circulation and blood flow to the brain. Water-based cardio offers the added benefit of distraction: whereas solo workouts on machines can feel repetitive and tedious, YMCA AquaFit instructors guide you through fun routines full of variety. Drop in to an AquaFit class today to get your heart rate up!

All of these group fitness classes allow you to combine your workout with some fun social time – another proven stress-buster. Visit our program schedules to see which one you can try today!