youth employment

New Program aims at helping struggling youth find employment

youth employment

Youth Job Connect helps youth are facing challenges find employment

“Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises”. –Demosthenes

YMCAs mission to create opportunity for every person to achieve his or her full potential and contribute in a prosperous and healthy community. But if you cannot find work your prospects can seem grim.

Many young people in our communities currently know this reality: In 2014, 11.5 % of youth in Ontario between the ages for 15 and 29 were not working, in school, or in any type of training.

Go a little deeper and you’ll find that many of these young people are facing what’s called “barriers to employment” which include the following challenges:

  • living in poverty;
  • little or no work experience;
  • possessing low levels of education or literacy;
  • have been in conflict with the law.

They may also be socially marginalized or living with disabilities and or/mental health issues.

There is a great need in our communities to help youth who fall in the category to find meaningful work and start them on their way to success. Often all they need is an opportunity to excel.

That is why together with the Government of Ontario and other community organizations, YMCA Employment Services is offering a new program to tackle youth unemployment in Ontario with the Youth Job Connection (YJC) program.

To learn more about what the YJC program has to offer, or to find out how to enroll in this YMCA Employment program by contacting one of our YMCA Employment Centres.