Fitness For Older Family Members

YMCA SeniorFit
Aging Community enjoy YMCA SeniorFit Classes

This Fall at YMCA West End is offering a new program designed to help older family members get active in a fun enjoyable atmosphere while learning to manage stress, gain greater mobility, and reduce risk of injury. This program is designed as a Fitness Class series and is lead by YMCA Instructors tailored to meet the needs of the older adults in our community.

YMCA SeniorFit

Our SeniorFit program allows people of similar ages and common interests to stay active in a social atmosphere that includes opportunities to learn, move and get involved in their community. Throughout this 12-week long program, participants will enjoy:

  • Group Fitness Classes that improve cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility. Focusing on helping older adults become more agile which will improve their ability to recover from the trips and stumbles, avoiding fall-related injuries. 
  • Social Events where they can meet new friends, or spend time with old ones. These events will allow older adults to build relationships with peers. As a result, participants will feel more integrated in their communities and have the opportunity to build support networks to help stay committed to their health goals.
  • ŸWorkshops on nutrition and healthy living. These informational sessions will provide resources older adult can use to make healthy choices in response to changing eating habits. A strategy that will lead to better health for years to come.
  • Volunteer Opportunities will allow them to give back to their communities. Participants will have opportunity to engage in meaningful work while interact with people of all ages and backgrounds. They’ll feel valued and appreciated by others as a result of sharing their time and knowledge.

Older adults are more likely to be active when they’re supported and encouraged by their families. When you let your parents, aunts, uncles, and other older relatives know that you care about their health, they become more invested in maintaining it.  Help your entire family stay active by letting a relative know about our YMCA SeniorFit program today!

Please contact Katherine Foster Grajewski, at Toronto West End College St.YMCA Centre with any inquiries by email at or call (416)536-1166 ext. 480.