It’s Walk to School Week! So Y should you walk to school?

Walk to School

Develop the healthy habit of walking your kids to school.

It’s International Walk to School Week! Instead of piling into the car every morning, develop the healthy habit of walking your kids to school. Every day this week, you can enjoy a different benefit as you take your walk together:

Day 1 – A Brain Boost

After a brisk walk, your kids will get to class feeling alert and ready to learn, which enhances their academic performance. Research shows that physical activity improves concentration, memory, and self-esteem.

Day 2 – Going Green

By walking your kids to school, you’re contributing to the environmental sustainability of your community. Fewer cars around our schools improves air quality, making healthier places for our kids to learn and grow.

Day 3 – Quality Time

Rather than being distracted by rush hour traffic, turn commuting time into quality family time! Walking with your kids to and from school gives you a chance to hear about the exciting things they’re learning every day.

Day 4 – Explore your community

As the week comes to a close, change things up and take a different route to school. You’ll get to explore a new area in your neighbourhood, and maybe even meet some other families on their way to school!

Day 5 – Celebrate the Triumph

If you managed to walk to and from school every day this week, you deserve a round of applause! It’s tough to make this time commitment; if your mornings are too hectic to make it an ongoing habit, why not work with your neighbours to make a Walking School Bus? Every day of the week, a different parent in your community walks the kids to school, creating a safe, healthy, and environmentally friendly transportation system for your neighbourhood.

Make sure you let everyone know that you’re participating in Walk to School Week! Take a quick photo on your way to school one morning, and post it with the hashtag #YWalktoSchool. We’ll re-post some of our favourites at the end of Walk to School Week.