ECE Workers are Key to Quality Child Care

ECE Teacher

ECE Teacher using play based learning approach to child care

A day in the life of a child care worker is non-stop, with attention shifting from one activity to the next: juggling demands of a room full of children, accountability, safety and care. For Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECE) they work tirelessly to create an enriching curriculum-based environment where kids can learn through play.

It’s more than child minding, these professionals are focused on providing a strong foundation for future learning, which will help children meet key developmental milestones critical to a healthy life.


From the moment I drop off my child and head to work, I know she is in a safe, nurturing environment. My daughter Victoria runs into the arms of our ECE Nicole each day. I don’t worry when I leave; I know she’s with someone who cares about her and knows how to keep her engaged.

Victoria is full of non-stop energy; she wants to play all day! I know the Childcare Educators at my Centre will be right there with her, down at her level, showing and exploring. I am always impressed at the new imaginative activity centres they have set up where Victoria can touch and smell and be encouraged to investigate.

I am not sure I could do what our ECE Nicole does; she has to constantly be sharing her attention. She wears so many hats, from finding teachable moments to nurturing to setting limits and recording new milestones Victoria is reaching every day. When I come in they share these moments with me so I can celebrate them too and see my daughter grow.

The reality is I can’t be there for every moment, but I know the experience Victoria is getting has purpose and is helping her develop. I want you to know everything you do for Victoria, for my family eases some of my worry and that it gives so much joy to Victoria.


Today is ECE Appreciation day.

To many that may not mean much, but to the YMCA of Greater Toronto it means a lot. We rely on our Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECE) to stimulate physical, cognitive, social and emotional development of the children in each of our centres. We provide convenience and peace-of-mind for parents of more than 24,000 children who attend licensed YMCA Child care programs across the GTA every year. We could not do that without the dedication of our RECEs.