What is blog moderation?

This is a moderated blog, which means that all comments will be reviewed by the YMCA of Greater Toronto staff before they are published. This is for everyone’s protection—yours and ours—because it ensures that conversations on this blog, even when they involve differences of opinion, are respectful and productive.

We welcome lively discussion and encourage you to take part in conversation freely. We expect that participants will treat each other, blog post authors, and anyone who is mentioned in or comments on a blog post with respect, and that comments will always aim, even when they disagree over matters of content, to make constructive contributions to our ongoing dialogue. We reserve the right to refrain from publishing any comment which hinders rather than encourages respectful conversation, and to permanently bar any user whose comments are consistently deemed inappropriate.

What comments are off-limits?

We really hope that this blog will become a forum for lively conversation. Differences of opinion are healthy, and we welcome a rousing debate.

To preserve the integrity of this blog and the conversations that happen here, we will not publish any comments that:

  • include lewd, offensive, prejudiced, or inappropriate language;
  • wander off topic, or are irrelevant to the subject matter of the post to which they are attached;
  • pertain to an individual’s personal experiences with YMCA of Greater Toronto which are not relevant for the blog’s readership at large, which we are happy to address via private email;
  • make any manner of personal attack or which target the author(s) of a post or another commenter rather than the substance of their opinions;
  • are deemed spam (where spam is defined as any repeated comment, as well as any off-topic comment, including commercial spam or comments not advancing the original post’s topic):
    • include HTML or its equivalent, as this is a means by which websites can sometimes be hacked maliciously.

Why doesn’t my comment show up right away?

While we try to review and publish comments as soon as we can; during busy times this may take up to one business day. Please be patient if your comment does not show up immediately, and do not resubmit it multiple times.

Will you edit comments before publishing them?

We will not edit or modify comments as submitted (for spelling, grammar, etc., as well as on matters of substance) in any way. If a comment adheres to this Comments Policy it will be published precisely as you submit it.

Copyright of Comments

Copyright of comments remains with the individual commenter. By submitting a comment to this blog you agree to hold the YMCA of Greater Toronto, its employees, agents, and representatives, free from implication in or responsibility for any and all repercussions, damages, or liability that may result from your comment.

Changes to the Comment Policy

The YMCA of Greater Toronto reserves the right to modify or supplement this Comment Policy at any time. If we make a change to this Comment Policy, we will post such changes on this website.

For any questions or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact us at

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